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Will you work with eBook illustration services for your cover pages or eBook? If so, then you have lots of question in mind that you want answers for. From where you can find them to how they work on your project, the cost factor is most important. 

Many people are afraid of getting eBook illustration services because they think they don’t have the illustrations' copyright. Whether the experts listen to us with the size, resolution and format of the books. Don’t panic; you have lots of question, but we will answer them all. 

Here are the answers to all your questions. 

How to Find the Right eBook Illustration Services

You might be searching for the right eBook illustration services with the style and expertise to catch and understand your idea. You want all these things in an illustrator but want all these things on a budget. The illustrator must already have the style you want, as it is totally impossible for the artist to create something out of their style. For example: don’t hire an expert who can do an oil painting for your cartoon characters.

But when you get an eBook illustration service, there are great possibilities that you can find experts, and they can provide what you want. Because they don’t have one specific talent. Their team consist of multi-talented minds. 

How to find the best eBook illustration services? Here we go!

Word of mouth – you can ask your colleagues and friend about the best eBook illustration service if they have worked with them before. 

Ask for suggestion on different publishing forum. From here, you have chances that one of their recommendations can benefit you. 

If you admire the illustration in a particular book, find the artist’s name of eBook illustration services in the credit and ask them to craft your book.

Search for eBook illustration services on social media.

Search eBook illustration services website on Google and browse their site to analyses their working style and experience. 

Working with Your eBook Illustration Services

Your hired experts of eBook illustration services will get started once your contact is in place and payment is made. The first thing they will ask you is to have the layout of your story. Then they make some rough sketches. Once approved, they will start finalizing it to provide you with the masterpiece. 

Clear communication with the illustrator is key. To make things go as smooth as possible, don’t assume the artist know what you are thinking. The best way is to maintain good relations with them and share every detail with them to have the desired result. Otherwise, you can’t blame them if there is a communication gap. 

Choose eBook illustration services wisely and see how they will work for you. 

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