Can you make a living as an eBook writer? The most asked question in the writing field.

The answer is simple. Writing an eBook is one of the best ways to make money and establish a steady stream of income. The idea of writing your eBook might seem extremely scary. Don't worry; there are several ways you can write one, edit, publish, and sell it to make money. But keep in mind that succeeding with eBooks is at least a staple of being with the right idea at the right time.


eBooks are published online. They are digital copies of real books. You can read them on a laptop, phone, or any other device connected to the internet. More eBooks are published nowadays than in previous years. There are few reasons behind it: online writers find that they can make more money by self-publishing eBooks. These electronic books are easy to publish and the market is wide open. It means that if you are planning to write an eBook, you don't have to wait for the right time.


There are many reasons why one should become an online eBook writer or offer online eBook services.

Make money – one of the main reasons for writing an eBook is to make money. There is no better income than generates revenue from online book writing.

Create a reputation within your niche – writing an eBook enables you to be seen as an expert in your field. It requires a vast knowledge of your topic. If you are a blogger or article writer trying to spread the idea about who you are and what you do, creating an eBook is a great idea.

Leave a legacy – online eBook writers, writing a book in general means that your words, idea, the motive behind it will live on as your legacy. Written words are precious, as we humans always learned from others who left their thoughts on the piece of paper.


We find a lot of people struggle with this step. They know what they want to write but don't know how to find an eBook title. The solution to this is easy; find something you are good at, solve common problems of readers as an online eBook writer, answer common questions, and look into what is trending among the people. Write something people need; if you target the topic that is not of the reader's interest, it won't sell. Write to the sites with a huge audience.  Also, validate your eBook's idea by researching the topic once you decide to write an eBook and start organizing the table of content. This will help you organize your ideas for an easier workflow. eBook writers, you can also find multiple software for writing one.  Nevertheless, please choose the best cover design for your eBook as it plays an important role in catching readers' attention.


Making money from eBooks is not easy, and it requires a lot of effort. Setting the price depends on different factors. Consider these while setting price for your eBook; how long is your eBook, what type of eBook you have written, how many numbers of similar eBook has already published. Here is a rule of thumb in pricing your eBook, depending on the platform you use to sell your eBook. You can sell your eBook in different places such as; through your website, amazon's Kindle platforms, and other publishers.


Once you have completed working, it means your eBook is ready for publication.  Please do some research to find the best publishing platform so you could make the most money out of it. You can use smash words, Amazon Kindle direct publishing, Apple iBook Author, and some other publishing platform to publish your online eBook writing.


 Put your whole effort into marketing your eBook.  To make money from an eBook, you need strong marketing campaigns. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to promote your published eBook. You can also make a website with your portfolio as an ebook writer and drop down your ebook links so people can reach out easily.

We hope all this knowledge will be of great use. It depends upon your goals and dreams. If you want to be an eBook writer, start writing and make a living out of it. 

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