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A complete eBook turning to dust in your laptop. Why don't you get the word around about it? Let people know you wrote an eBook and have them reading. But how do you do viral eBook marketing? That's what has been bugging you for quite some time. Viral eBook marketing is essential for letting people know about your eBook. This way of marketing will grab people's attention and make them come crawling to your eBook. It will take time, but your eBook will become popular over the years. Many eBook writers choose viral eBook marketing USA for promoting their work. It's everything a writer wants. So how do you do that? Accomplish all your goals and make your dreams come true. 

We are sharing a few secrets of viral marketing with you. These secrets work like magic. Prepare yourself to enter the secret magical place of eBook writers. Learn from these tips and let your eBook breathe in the sea of eBooks. 

Magical secret No 1: Make it FREE FREE and FREE 

We all love reading free books, right? Imagine you wanted to learn a few tactics about marketing, and you found a free eBook written by the USA's newest eBook writer. And that eBook actually helped you a lot. You will surely recommend that eBook to every person looking for marketing schemes, right? What will happen then? More people will get to know about that eBook. The word will be passed on through social media, emails, and even word-of-mouth. People will find it useful, and the writer will gain exposure. Their eBook will go viral all over the internet, and the next minute they will be a huge sensation all over the internet. 

Magical secret No 2: It's all about the title

You dreamt of writing an eBook on the USA's best recipes and accomplished it, but now you are thinking of marketing it viral. When you step into publishing it, you may find many eBooks under the same name. So how will you be able to distinguish your eBook from others? Not easy, right? But we know how you can. Change the title of your eBook. To grab people's attention, you should spice up a little thing and make an interesting title. Don't use such overused or cliché titles. Make your eBook stand out. Seeing an eBook with an innovative title, the readers will attract to it. Suppose you are writing a fictional crime thriller you are deciding on the title, but everything seems either used or tedious to you. So how about you choose the date of the murder as your title? Interesting enough, right? It will capture people's attention, and they will gravitate towards your eBook. 

Magical secret No 3: Grant giveaway rights 

Giveaway rights are the rights given to the readers to giveaway the eBooks to other people without seeking the writer's permission. We have seen many writers following these eBook marketing USA strategies to spread the word about their eBooks.

At the end of the eBook, give a written statement of the giveaway rights, and this will make your readers the happiest. This way, they will be giving away your eBook to other readers, and you will be benefiting from it as it will soon be going viral.

Magical secret No 4: Woo your readers with power oozing content 

You want your reader's attention all on your eBook, right? Don't want them to stop reading until they are finished. You want them lost in your story so much that they can visualize it. Create powerful and jaw-dropping content. It's one of the great techniques of eBook marketing in the USA. You want your reader to go like, "wow, this book is hard to put down." Always write something that is new refreshing, and exciting. Once you have one reader's attention, then it will be easy to grab more people's attention as well. Imagine one reader loved your eBook, and they recommended it to everyone. Now imagine all the hype created by your eBook. You will be the new trending topic. 

Magical Secret No 5: Long is okay, but short is preferred 

One of the great eBook marketing USA techniques is to keep it short. 

Though most eBooks are long but people these days prefer a short eBook due to a shortage of time. For eBook marketing in USA, the people prefer short eBooks to read and promote. Short eBooks can go viral within a lesser amount of time because it is easy to read in such a short time which makes people love it more. Not many people these days have a lot of time to read long eBooks. Imagine you are visiting your dentist and killing the spare time; which eBook will you prefer? The one with 50 chapters, or will you go with a 20-chapter eBook? Easy, 20 chapters, of course.  

Bonus magical secret! 

E-covers for your eBooks

Another eBook marketing USA hack to make your eBook viral is to design such ravishing and eye-catching e-covers for your eBooks that are hard not to notice. Add some glitter some spice and make it stand out. You can go with still images that are a little sparkly or that are heart-stopping (not literally). You can also choose GIFs to add life to your eBook. Such e-covers are noticeable and hard not to pick up. Remember e-covers plays a great part in eBook marketing in the USA, and people will first notice your e-cover and title, and then they will proceed to read. 

With the help of these hacks for viral marketing, you can make your eBook the greatest eBook in the world of eBooks. Always remember these tips and aim for a higher audience. This process is slow and steady you won't become a sensation overnight and keep promoting your eBook through social media, emails, other platforms because you will need constant marketing to bring your eBook up at the top. These eBook marketing USA tricks will make your dreams come true. Just follow them, and you shall rise. Good Luck!

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