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Bookstores offer a variety of different books for you to choose from – a bit of overwhelming process. It becomes easy when you know which genre or author you want. While looking through this vast collection of books, the covers play a key role. Some readers get attracted to a book after looking at their covers. According to the book publishing company USA, the author’s book cover designing skills can work well when it comes to increasing a book’s sales.  

Potential readers choose books with a fantastic cover with a captivating title in case of random book selection. According to the book publishing company USA, the book cover and its design can be a source of attraction for readers. You need to create a highly attractive cover for your book. But how? For this, you need to learn professional tricks.

Tips and tricks of designing an attractive book cover

Create intuitive title

According to the book publishing company USA, readers don’t have to go through the book. It is the point where your book cover can work. How? Create the intuitive book title and give a short description of the story. Don’t forget to use the curiosity factor. Use attractive fonts and take care of color combinations with the background.

Take care of typography

Typography matters a lot as it makes your title clear and easy to understand. Use in bold format with a suitable color combination. Experts suggest bold fonts for intense genres and decorative ones for the romance genre.

Aesthetic images

According to the experts of book publishing company USA, visual elements are also the source of communication and best for book marketing and publishing. They recommend you to choose the one that must be compatible with your book’s theme and story. Must catch the reader’s attention.


Overall, the book covers designing matters from a marketing, publishing, or selling point of view. The potential readers must understand what the book is about. That’s why famous book publishing companies USA write a short description of the book story with curiosity. You will have to take care of so many things and create the book cover with highly effective techniques.

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