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What do we do?

Simple eBook editing services help clients in editing their books to change them into a masterpiece. If we talk about the whole book editing field, we are best at editing manuscripts. Every day we read thousands of eBooks ranging from short children’s storybooks to six-digit word counts novels. But there are many things we wanted to tell our customers who approach us to get their book editing done.

We want to share these things; maybe many editors wouldn’t agree with it and wanted to see different things on the list.

Editing Doesn’t Always Mean What You Think It Does

When you start working with eBook editing services, make sure you are specific about what sort of editing you want and know the difference between them, which is why things go wrong. If you just want someone to check your spellings and misspelled words, you might want to proofread.

If you want the eBook editing services to do proofreading and get into grammar, you actually want copy editing. There are a lot of things that look the same but differ due to slight changes.

Book Editors Specialize in Specific Genre

Everyone has there are of expertise. The same goes for the professionals of eBook editing services. You may if they are editors they are capable of editing everything. Not at all. Every editor specializes in a specific genre and language. It might be the editor you are working with is good in English and novel editing. Don’t expect everything without knowing.

High Level Of Editing Means High Pricing

Most of the ebook editing services first look at the script and then outright price. So, it is advisable to discuss everything at the first meeting. In this way, you both know what you are expecting and what they can do to meet the deadline. Let's suppose you hire them to edit your novel that comprises three digits, word count. It is wrong to expect they will do it in a    couple of days. Always give them time to get your work done professionally. Otherwise, prices may be double or triple that will not go with your pocket, and even editing services don’t like their client feel disheartened.

Summing up, these are few things you should know so you know what to expect and what they can do for you.

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