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Some bookworms prefer printed books, some prefer eBooks, and some prefer both.

Whether the reader prefers ebook over printed books is all trending on in the media and social platforms. 

Are you a tech-o-holic but also a book lover? If you are, have you tried the modern world gadget for bookworms – E-readers? E-readers are the game-changer in the world of books. It is an electronic or digital app specially designed to read eBooks. Using these, you will be able to carry your whole library with you wherever you go with your smartphone or tablet.

Instead of loading your bag or suitcase with books, you can read them on vacation and download an ebook. It is an easy way to read book without keeping thousands of books with you and weight less than half of the book. 

What is the Difference? eBook Vs. printed books

If you ask booklover, they will say printed books have the feel of a book. You can hold it, turn the pages, keep the bookmarks, and feel the smell of paper. Paper books are easier for the reader as there is no strain on eyes that can usually occur while using e-devices. 

eBooks are electronic books that can be easily accessible through smartphones and tablets. Might be readers love following features of eBooks like less expensive, flexible font, making reading easy, and storing thousands of books on one device.

I know you are now thinking, what’s the big deal if we have to carry printed books? We are not against printed books but with lots of advantages, on the other hand-printed books are expensive. If you are traveling, you need to pack your books in your suitcase, whereas you can easily carry an ebook on an iPad or smartphone. 

eBook Provide Advantage Over Traditional Paper Media

with the rise in popularity of eBook and eBook publishing platforms, many bookworms still prefer printed books. Though many people prefer traditional style books, eBooks do have some remarkable benefits. Print books aren’t going anywhere; there are many states where eBooks provide immense benefits than traditional printed books.

eBooks are instant

You don’t have to face the hustle-bustle of leaving your house to buy new books or borrow from the library with ebooks. eBooks can easily available on eBook publishing platforms such as Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, and many more. You can instantly download an eBook without visiting the library. You can maintain an entire section of eBook while still sitting on your couch.


If you purchase the electronic book, it is much easier to carry them on your way to work and return home. As you know, the hardbound edition can be very heavy, while e-readers devices are lightweight and carry thousands of books. You can even load books on your smartphones or tablets and carry them with you anywhere. This would allow you to read any time, such as when you stuck in traffic or waiting in line at a coffee shop.


It can be frustrating when you came across a word that you don’t know while reading. You either have to find it on a physical dictionary or pull up your cellphone to look up the meaning. Most of the time, we don’t bother and just left wondering. Most e-readers have a built-in dictionary that allows the reader to look up for meaning by tapping on that word. Meaning appears on the right screen without you even need to leave the app.

eBook Last Longer

still, wondering why eBooks are the best tech? it is because they are affordable in the long term you have  to pay for a device, but the cost is not higher than buying a newly printed book in the long run. eBooks cost less expensive because there is no use of paper printing, packing cost, fancy cover, etc. for one printed book, you can get more than ten ebooks. 

How eBook Contribute to Society

Publishing and reading books are important for humanity, but they affect nature. Producing paper and publishing books require cutting down trees and destroy the forest. Maybe the fact shock you, but it requires one tree for making sixty books. In this factor, eBook plays a significant role. We can save the environment by using an eBook. The research has shown that people read approximately fifteen books a year. If a printed book cause cutting down of trees, why don’t we switch to eBook and save the world and contribute our part in it? 

With the lapse of time, many things have changed. With the advent of technology, the paper began to roll in digital form. This results in a competition between printed and eBooks. But we suggest what gives you comfort in reading, whether it is an eBook or printed book.

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