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An eBook is a digital printing of your text based on different stories and lessons. The work of eBook publishing is one of the most productive business. In the past, no one knew what eBook publishing via a specific platform is. Self-publishing of eBook is a secondary thing. Yes, you can publish your ebook in both ways.

Now, various eBook publishing companies such as Amazon, provide services to produce maximum readers to download or read online your eBook. In self-publishing of eBook, you don’t need sales agents, high royalties, a specific platform for eBook publishing, and your message for your targeted audience. Majority people prefer eBook publishing via recognized organization as its sales ratio is 1 billion with an increase of 800% year by year. Also, you can publish your ebook on Google Play Books App as this technology has made 2.5 billion by receiving 81% of readers and potential client’s traffic.

Let’s find out a few surprising secrets about eBook publishing. It will encourage eBook publishers to use these facts as eBook publishing services while publishing books on the internet. Let’s have a look!

Least sales potential of self-publishing

eBook publishers can’t add self-published books on digital bookstores. That’s why the selling rate of this eBook publishing version is not more than 250; it for the lifetime selling score. It means you shouldn’t spend all your efforts on writing books only, but sales maximized publishing. You will have to create a robust strategy to increase the selling rate of your self-published ebooks.

Ebook publishing cost is a significant challenge

Deciding the reasonable price of eBook publishing is one of the significant challenges for the eBook publisher. It is the biggest issue for those who have been running and dealing with the business of hard copy books. This fact has stuck my cycle of consideration here.

It will not be the smart practice of deciding a competitive eBook price alone. But it will be your biggest mistake if you favor a higher eBook publishing cost strategy. According to the well-known eBook publisher, selling standard of ebook can’t stand low.  But it is better to go for the affordability approach as it will be a powerful motivator for eBook sale. Readers prefer those books that are cheaper. This eBook publishing services will return your clients on your eBook stores.

eBook publishing on Google Play without ISBN

Ebook publishers don’t need International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for eBook publishing on Google. There is no need ISBN to register yourself on Google play for eBook publishing. If you don’t know and you have forgotten about it so, Google doesn’t care. Google will provide a separate number if you are adding your epub files.

There is a strict Google policy for those eBooks that are out of copyright, especially when it comes to publishing eBooks for the public domain. Whether you are publishing a single eBook or many, it must be unique as per the demanding standards.

Google books need separate eBook publisher or author page

Almost all biggest eBook publishing platforms demand a separate author page. For example, Amazon and Google are major supporters. Google (ebook publisher) don’t need quality content for their website to visualize your eBook among competitors; except Amazon.

For eBook publishing on Google, you will have to provide an author’s name with complete biography, including his picture.  You can search Google Book’s Author’s Pages to verify this fact. You will know what the Google Author page is. You will need to follow some instructions to qualify for creating a separate Google Author page as an eBook publishing service. You will have to use PublishDrive to classify at least ten eBooks on Google Play Books. You must have at least three positive feedback on your maximum books.

Google Play Book’s price distribution

Google Play Books publishing offer discounts for buyers and pays eBook publishers according to the price list. Only retailers can offer discounts for their books according to their wish, but, it is not the practice of Google Play Books. Everything or every practice has two sides, good or bad. If Google Play Books support this offer like Amazon, there will be a significant discount on books as well.

Google can give a discount on your book’s purchase but, it will give you a profit as per the listing price. That’s why eBook publishers avoid ebook discounts given by Google as they vary per territory, currency, and per price range. The usage of PublishDrive will be the best alternative as it allows eBook publishers to publish their ebooks on it. It will optimize the cost of your eBook publishing automatically. You will not need to match the eBook prices by Amazon as PublishDrive take full responsibility to adjust the price.

Whether you publish your ebook by yourself, an ebook publisher, or ebook publishing company, you will have to respect all related rules of publishing. First of all, write your eBook to attract maximum potential readers and clients. In the case of self-publishing, you will have to increase the selling price score of ebook from 250. 

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