Learning how to self-publish books and share your ideas with the world is easier than ever before. There is a treasure of knowledge available online for eBook writers. Most of the writers make the majority of their income from eBooks. You can easily find tons of techniques shared by the author to sell more books. In short, publishing eBook is affordable for new writers without breaking the bank. In this blog, we will help you know all about all the basic points you need to know about self- publishing an eBook and getting started and achieving success.


Self-publishing refers to publishing media, especially a creative work of writing as an online eBook writer or author, without using any publishing company. Self-publishing is specially referred to as a book publishing company. In terms of self-publishing a book, the writer completes the whole book and publishing process, such as formatting, editing, and designing without a publishing company. You can also hire professionals for book editing and cover designing at your own expense.

In short, as a self-published online writer, you will manage the whole book and production process, from start to end, at your own expense, along with book rights.


Thinking of the term self- publishing, writers, what come across your mind? You guys always think of creating and selling eBooks outside the traditional publishing industry where companies pay author advances and a royalty, work with them to design, edit, and distribute their books. This is the general practice apply previously for publishing.

In today’s world, everyone has access to internet connections to write an eBook and make it available to thousands of millions of readers for free.


There are some practical steps to achieve successful eBook publishing and what information you need regarding pricing, formatting, editing, and many more. So, Let’s jump into it without wasting our time.


The first most important step is to select the correct eBook publishing program. Over a few years, the time for online eBook writers has dramatically changed. There is some best program use for self-publishing an eBook. Among those, Amazon KDP is the best self-publishing service for digital eBooks. They sell thousands of eBooks every month. With Amazon KDP, online eBooks writers can reach the largest eBook digital distributors. Barnes & noble press is another self-publishing service that is very easy to use and setup easy self-book publishing.


Another critical step is learning the difference between eBook format and which format is preferred by various digital e-readers. There are several formats, but you don’t have to work in every format.  Talking particularly, smash words offer the following ebook format to online eBook writers such as EPUB, Kindle, PDF, Sony Reader, Plain text, DB, and many more. Smash words format EPUB allows eBook readers to adjust the size and format of the content for better understanding and experience.


Use ISBN while publishing a book.  The international standard book number is a unique identifier for books, eBooks, and other media. In each format, the edition is identified by ISBN. Online eBook writers, if you are not using ISBN (international standard book number), may limit the number of publishing houses.  You can purchase your ISBN from an approved company. They will assign you ISBN at an affordable price and an electronic bar to be used with any format.


Another important aspect of an eBook project is creating a creative cover page for your eBooks, novels, or book. Cover images are necessary for publishing a book. Many publishing houses/ companies are willing to provide you the best cover design for free. So online eBook writers, if you are not as good as professional, allow them to work on your behalf.  We recommend you to hire a professional for cover page designing.


Promoting an eBook requires time, effort, and money as there are already lots of eBooks available for sale. I refer you to find any online channel to distribute a press release that reaches your target market. Make personal websites and promote your eBooks there. You can also link different URLs of sites to the articles.


It has been years since people are following these guides in publishing their eBooks. We help to love online eBook writers to get the most out of their work. We hope all these guides will help you understand the self – publishing process and make your work shine from others.

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