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Congratulations! You have written your very first eBook. It was hard. Constantly sitting in one place and writing? You must have felt like your brain cells were shrinking, and with the constant sitting, your legs were going sore. It was hard; we shouldn't even have asked. But now, after all those struggles (which, by the way, people think is not a big deal), you have your complete Ebook. You won't want it resting in your laptop turning to dust, now would you?

 So, what are you waiting for, Ideas on ebook marketing? Then you have come to the right place, my friend.

Get that shrunk brain of yours working and note down the points we have for you.

Interact with people on social media 

Find your audience and build your little empire. Are you writing a fantasy ebook? If yes, then initiate a conversation with people who love reading fantasy ebooks. Ask them questions find something in common with them. You can ask about a particular fantasy ebook you read online. This way, you will be building your fandom. Ask them things like what kind of supernatural creature they wish existed? And when you get some amusing answers, create an ebook of that same creature. This way, you will be writing something people have been dying to read, and due to the empire, you created your ebook marketing will be a hit. 

Put the link of your Ebook on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram bio. 

Your Ebook's going live!

One of the best ebook marketing strategies is to go live with your Ebook. Spread the word of your Ebook all over social media. According to ebook marketing companies, YouTube is the second largest search engine after google; people tend to type in "how-to" queries on it every other day. So you can make a video of yours introducing the Ebook and upload it on youtube. 

You can go live on Facebook, and Facebook will notify all your followers about your live session. This way, you will be able to reach more audiences. Always record your live streaming so you can later upload it on your account for those who have missed it or someone coming in next year to check your Ebook. Always add a link to your Ebook in the caption when uploading the video. 

Give a little life to your Ebook 

What would your audience likely do? Read the novel and then watch the movie made of the same novel or watch the movie? We all know most people prefer watching over reading. So why not make things easy for both of your audiences? You can attach a video related to the content written inside of your Ebook. You can also add illustrations to grab your readers/watcher's attention. Now tell us does your Ebook revolve around an amazing heist that your characters are about to conduct? Illustrate a map of that location or add blueprints. This will make your Ebook come to life, and undoubtfully will attract more readers towards it. Ebook marketers also prefer to hire graphic designers to draw an animated version of your Ebook's characters to help their audience visualize it. 

Blogging about your Ebook 

Who said blogging doesn't help? Pick out one of your best creations and post it on your blog. But don't post the whole thing. Let's imagine you wrote a fictional ebook. Choose a chapter with more action in it and pick a scene that is the most attention grabbing and crop the part where it gives away too much information, and posts it on your blog. People will come crawling towards your Ebook. Always promote your work in a way that wakes up a person's curiosity and make sure it never sleeps again. 

Again, don't forget to attach the link at the bottom; otherwise, your ebook marketing will go in vain! 

Your social media presence 

As an ebook writer, your online presence counts a lot. You have to keep your social media pages updated, and you should interact with your people. Let's consider you published your Ebook, and for starters, you gained a few loyal fans who want to know more about you and the book. So why don't you start a question answers session? People can drop in as many questions they have related to your Ebook, and you can answer all of them. It will help you create hype for your Ebook, and the word will get around. Your fans will start spreading the word about your Ebook, and this way, your marketing strategy will be done right. It's always the crazy fans who help you touch the sky. 

At the end of your, Ebook drop your email and your social media page URL. 

Just follow these marketing strategies, and your eBook will come up with the names of other renowned authors. Always remember your fans; they become one big family when it comes to loyalty. 

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