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When you are finished writing your eBook, you know the second phase that comes is the editing and proofreading. So, let's imagine you are finished with your eBook writing. Now you are sitting in your room, ready to face the next step. Is your heart thumping right now? Veins popping out? Your fingers shaking as your open your laptop and go to your document. The eBook you spent day and night on is lying in front of you now. You know you have to edit mercilessly. You are nervous because you know how much effort you put into your writing. Editing it and changing a few things will break your heart into pieces. 

Anyways you spent the last one week proofreading your eBook and trying to find the mistakes. To your surprise, you didn't find anything to edit. You read your work again and again, but still, everything seemed perfect to you. You didn't see the weak points; you didn't see the grammatical mistakes (they were there, though). There were no typos, according to you. 

Why was it like that? Well, writers can't find their own mistakes if they proofread their eBooks through a writer's eyes instead of a reader. The eyes of a reader can point to any mistake that a writer may miss. So, you have to transform yourself into a reader if you wish to edit your eBook mercilessly. 

Other than that, you can also go for proofreading services in USA that can help you edit your eBook. 

If you are interested, then let's what those services are. 

Feedback won't bite you 

The first and most important service is feedback. It's the most crucial part of eBook writing. If you wish to have a professional's feedback, then my friend, you are heading in the right direction. With the help of those professional proofreaders, you can gain reviews. They will be brutally honest with you (just don't take those words to your heart). They will point to the weak spots in your eBook. They will show you where your story went off track and why the readers would lose interest in chapter five. They will be helpful in giving you the most honest feedback. Feedback is one of the best proofreading services in USA provided by eBook companies. 

Grammar and structure are important 

Even though you have been writing for years, you will make grammar mistakes. It's common and nothing to be ashamed of because when a person is writing, their main focus is getting those words out. Grammar is on the second hand; writing what comes to their mind first is their first priority. Editing is possible, but an amazing forgotten sentence isn't possible to come back. So, the proofreaders provide the service of grammar and typos. They proofread your eBook and point those mistakes you missed. They will even check your sentence structure since a bad sentence structure can throw off your reader's interest down the gutter. These proofreading services in USA will get you to get more readers. 

Last but not the least - Print layout 

We all know writers use modern technology to write their eBooks. So, when a person is writing on a laptop or computer, the eBook print won't look the same. With the help of proofreading services in USA, these proofreaders will help you with the print layout. They will go through things such as margins, indents, style, and size. They make sure that the printed form is in decent condition. 

So, according to proofreading services in USA, editing mercilessly is essential for every writer. You have to make your eBook look perfect so that more readers read your eBook. To gain exposure, you must write fearlessly and edit mercilessly. 

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