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The eBook can be life-changing. Many people start writing eBooks as a steady stream of passive income or take the first step in their career as a writer; ebook writing is a great place to begin if you are thinking of becoming a writer.

Lots of and would-be writers recognize that, but they yet to get started writing eBooks. If you are not sure where to start eBook writing. Then you are at the right spot. 

In this guide, we will cover all the topics from what eBook is to how you can adopt to write a captivating eBook with some secret ways to improve your productivity and create a remarkable masterpiece. 

What is an eBook?

eBook or electronic book is a book that is available in digital form. Uses computer and mobile devices to display long text form in book form. eBooks have multiple pages in digital format that readers navigate and often packaged as a PDF document to easily share their book with one another.

People are adopting eBook writing as a career because readers are now more into eBooks than hardcover books because of their advantages. Unlike long printed media, eBooks can easily accessible people can save their eBooks in the library. The best part of the eBook is that they are very portable, able to be stored on multiple devices with no physical storage space. Other than eBooks, readers have a choice to print the eBook. Otherwise, it is environmentally friendly. 

eBooks can change the font sizes according to the need of the reader. Easily searchable if the reader is for something within a specific niche. 

Writing an eBook- Ways to Write Productive eBook

Develop an idea

an eBook is writing is a daunting task. The biggest mistake makes by writers is in picking the idea without exploring the market. Don’t just follow the money. Some topics might sound great like ‘writing chef book or cuisine’ because you think it will gain more profit. Instead, choose a topic that you already know about and enjoy while writing an eBook about it. 

If you still not sure, you can search in blogs and magazines. May you get a few clues. Once you have an idea in your mind, do research on it. After that, use your email and newsletter audience and be ahead in the eBook writing game. Since you have an idea in mind, come up with a few new titles and ask the audience what they prefer. 

Detailed Research

You know your topic, but there is always some space where research is needed, even if it checks a few facts and figures. Many writers, while eBook Writing stuck at this stage. Read a few books, blogs, and articles related to your topic to have some unique ideas in your mind. Ig your eBook writing includes facts and figures, it is crucial to check this stat and left no room for mistake. 

Write Your eBook Draft

Writers who have an idea and detailed material about the topic may not found eBook writing as a daunting task. One of the best ways to make eBook Writing easier is to create an outline first hand. In summary, try to include every possible detail, such as the title for each chapter, subheadings, and other minor points. This will help you come up with more ideas and link them all in creative ways that captivate book lovers' interest. 

The easy way to start writing an eBook is to suppose you are communicating to your friend by email and share your thoughts with them. in this way, you can share your idea more effectively that can instantly create a place in the reader’s heart. 

Three Ways to Become More Productive While eBook Writing

These three ways will help the writer become productive while writing to not lose interest and create a masterpiece that they have in their minds. 

Schedule Your Time

We all have 24 hours in the whole day; we have to balance the real-life stuff with the eBook writing. Make a schedule of your Writing, whether you are a full-time writer or not. This will help you to be more productive and focus when you are penning down your ideas. A well-set schedule will help you to not be distracted from other daily activities. We recommend you to write early in the morning as your mind is fresh and you can turn your ideas more creatively into a line.

Reward Yourself - Quality Time

You might have noticed; children get stars when they perform well. The reward for behavior or great performance in class. Well, that’s what you can do as an eBook writer. You have a calendar, create a word count for each day, and once you embark on the journey of clean swiping, your target rewards yourself with something you like. It may be anything from your favorite latte or chocolate. You may find it childish, but this activity is best for writers when they put their heart and soul into eBook writing. The calendar is just a piece of paper, but seriously, it works so well. 

Work with Deadlines

Whenever you sign a project, you will have a timeline for it. You know what you have to do by when. The same goes for when you are working on your eBook. Set a target or deadline for yourself. If you are writing an eBook, set a deadline you wanted to complete by your birthday and give it to yourself as a birthday gift. Then you can speed up the process of eBook writing. If you cannot do this alll it means you are behind and can’t meet the deadlines. 

Keep it in your mind, you need to schedule the time, and then you actually need to get it done that how you can complete the process with great productivity

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