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We have a question for you, are you planning on becoming the richest author? Do you wish for your words to be read by people? Is there a longing desire inside of you to make it big in the world of authors? Well then, you have come to the right place. It's the ultimate guide to powerful eBook writing and becoming the richest author super-fast.

When you are planning on writing an eBook, then there are some key points that you should know because eBook Writing requires a few rules. Following these rules can make you the best eBook writer in the eBook writing company, but when not followed, your eBook writing can seem amateur. 

To make money, first, you should know how to write such a compelling eBook; that's why it's called powerful eBook writing. 

Collect your ideas

It's one of the most crucial and difficult tasks when you are willing to pursue eBook Writing. Before the writing phase comes to your collection of ideas, you can't just sit and start writing; for a powerful eBook, you need to collect your ideas in one place and then start writing. 

You have to choose your topics wisely- about something you know. This way, you won't have to do research, and you will be to use that time in eBook writing. If you are not sure on which topic to write, then you can take help from your audience. Use your blogs and social media to gather your audience in one place and tell them that you are launching a new eBook. Let your audience know what kind of idea of you in your mind and see what your audience says. If their reviews are positive and they are excited enough for your eBook, then know that you have got your topic in your hand. 

Research those ideas 

Once you have mapped out those ideas, it's time for you to do some research. If your eBook writing consists of facts and statistics, then you will need to do research. A wrong impression of your eBooks, such as wrong facts and information, will reduce the value of your eBook. We have seen many eBook writers who spent hours and weeks doing their research. Though it's good but make a schedule for your eBook research. For example, you can try to make a routine. Set a time for your research and make it for just two weeks, and right after those two weeks, your writing phase should start. You can also read eBooks of a similar genre and see how those writers constructed those eBooks, such as a table of contents. 

First Draft 

Your eBook writing phase starts now. Once you have finished your research, then it's time to start writing your eBook. At first, it will be your first draft. Create a table of content which will ensure the sequence of your eBook. Then you can dive into Writing. As we know, Writing requires a lot of your time, but we are not asking you to give 24 hours straight to it. Rather fix a time for your eBook. For example, you can set 4 hours at night for eBook Writing. This way, your eBook won't take years to complete. Or you can also set a word count for every day. Before ending your day, make sure that you have reached your desired word count.

Once you have finished writing your eBook, then you can give it for editing to any best eBook writing companies. They will provide you the best eBook editors who will help you touch up your eBook. 

eBook covers 

eBook writing is not the only thing that will make you become the super-rich eBook writer, but the covers also count. No matter how many people say that don't judge a book by its cover, we all know that it isn't true because people do judge it. Designing a fantastic eBook cover will make your eBook come on top of other eBooks. Covers should be eye-catching, that will make your reader want to read that eBook. By having your reader's attention, you will gain readers, and with the help of those readers, you will earn money. 

eBook price 

According to eBook writing companies, your eBook pricing matters a lot. If you are a new eBook writer and have published a new eBook at a high price, then you will not get the attention you think you deserve. Try selling your first eBook at a low price or make it free. People love free things. Once you have gathered a lot of readers, then you can put a price on your second eBook. 

For making it in the world of authors, you need proper eBook writing skills. Follow these tips and let your eBook writing become powerful.

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