Writing an eBook is something that crosses the mind of writers more than once in their lifetime. Writers, if you are thinking of writing an eBook, and if you have already thought of the cover, main title, and even you have idealized the whole book, you guys feel a sense of pride. eBooks writer deserves credit for sitting down with pen to paper or keyboard to finger to write the concept they have imagined.

If it's your first time writing an eBook, then it's most likely that you will make mistakes. Check out all these common eBook mistakes to create a masterpiece for all readers searching for literal treasure.


eBook readers are not mostly looking to read novels or stories on the digital edge. When readers are searching for an informative eBook, they are looking for something short and precise that is easily understandable without all of the fuzz. Here providing you with some tips to make it easy for eBook writers to write properly.

Split your eBook in the series if you have a lot of material to cover. It is necessary to go into detail with your information. People are buying your eBooks to understand what you are saying. Use one eBook to cover a single topic/content.  Less is more when it comes to eBook writing.


Writers you are not James Patterson or Stephen King, you can't just write an online eBook and then expect that it will fly off the shelves on its own (no offense). You have to market your eBook. Start marketing your eBooks once you start writing it. It is a very important aspect of online eBook writers.

Announce the arrival of eBooks on your blogs/articles and share their advance copies with friends for reviews. It will help you to grabs readers right before your eBook has been published. You can also promote eBooks on different social media platforms. Utilize your own Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts for marketing.

Don't go your eBook writing waste. Make sure you are not making any of these mistakes while eBook writing.


If you know little or possess very little knowledge about a certain topic, don't write an eBook on it. Always choose a topic that you are well-versed in as it helps you save your time from doing a ton of research from Google.  Also, select a catchy title to impress the reader in the first glance. It will help you increase your eBook writing fans.


You already know what your competitors are selling, what topic they are covering, and what reviews and feedback their eBooks get. Answering these questions will help you avoid these mistakes in your eBook and maintain the uniqueness of your eBook writing skills. It will help you determine the market for your online eBook writing, what topic you might have to cover, and how you can stand out from the competitors.


Not analyzing the current trends in the market is another big mistake that needs to be avoided by a new author when writing an eBook. Always look into the comments, reviews from the fans, blogs to see which topic grabs a lot of attention. Analyze your content by observing which of your post gets a lot of visits, what topics get the most likes, shares, comments, and tweets. Use all this information to find the topic that airstrike the readers' minds.


Writing an eBook takes a lot of time for online eBook writers. But do not make these mistakes while you are doing eBook writing for the first time. Grab readers’ attention by maintaining the schedule of posting blogs, articles, and email your list. Otherwise, your audience will be annoyed when you suddenly start posting your new eBook after a month or a couple of months break. That is why it is always good to engage with your readers and promote your eBook writing through different blogs and social media platforms.


An online eBook writer is someone who covers every aspect of the topic in his/her eBook. Cover every little detail in a topic to avoid this mistake as a new eBook writer or eBook service. Without creating an outline of the content, you are risking your eBook. Make sure you plan a proper outline before putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard.  Draft your outline properly, send it to a friend, or a professional eBook writer that you know to make sure nothing is left out. It is easy to get a blank vision if you are working for hours.

Writing your first eBook is difficult, and many online eBook writers make a couple of these mistakes while writing their first book. Don't stress out and keep a close eye on what you do to avoid these mistakes that almost all new eBooks writers make. 

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