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Writing an eBook is a challenging task, and it is even more so if the result is of high quality. To achieve a good quality result, ebook proofreading before sending it to publication is an act that should be systematic and quite natural for an author. Proofreading can prove to be fruitless and laborious if it is not done systematically. Indeed, without a good method, your work after publication could be riddled with typos, bad turns of phrase, and other imperfections that challenge your writing, as some things might be incomprehensible to readers. Even though it is not a literary ebook, you should make sure that it is easy and enjoyable to read. Writing an eBook is primarily for readers.

With our tips, you will know how to proofread your eBook effectively and what to check before publishing.

A careful revision of your eBook is necessary

To sell an ebook, it must be free from mistakes. This is why proofreading an eBook always begins with hunting down spelling mistakes and rewriting the wrong turns. Suppose there are sentences in your eBook that are poorly constructed, rephrase them to make them clearer. Look for typing errors, omissions of chords or accents, as well as typographical errors. You just wrote an ebook and spent a lot of time on it. So, this spell proofreading phase will inevitably be unpleasant.

It would help if you used good proofreading software to optimize your ebook proofreading work. If you can afford it, the help of a professional proofreader will allow you to further perfect your ebook.

Start by using a spell checker if you have not chosen to write an eBook directly in Word. If writing an ebook has been good enough for you or has significant spelling gaps, you can use an eBook proofreading service provider in the USA to proofread your ebook.  

To write a quality eBook, check the clarity of the text

Your ebook should be fun to read to hold the reader until the last chapter. Turns should be light and easy to assimilate. The subject must be identified in the text. The reader of your ebook must perceive what it is and from what angle the subject is treated. A diagonal reading of your digital book should be enough to identify the outlines developed in your ebook. If this is not the case, you must rework the organization of the chapters, the wording of the titles, even of the sub-titles. Sometimes, the reader will tend to locate the titles to dwell on parts that interest him.

So it would be best if you also optimized the table of contents to make it easier to navigate to a chapter or sub-section. In principle, the first step to writing an ebook is to plan it. The table of contents must be consistent with this plan defined initially. Also, be sure to detect sentences that are too long, never pleasant to read. When a sentence is too long, split it into several sentences or rewrite it to reduce it.

In general, try not to have a sentence longer than 15 to 20 words.

A well-crafted eBook is easier to digest

The reader will have the impression of facing a wall when reading a block of text. You probably know this feeling! Writing an ebook is a whole different thing from reading it; keep that in mind. For the first page to make you want to go further, you will have to air your text. This rule applies to the content of the ebook until the last page. Better to split your blocks of text and organize them in several paragraphs so that it is digestible. Work on line spacing, indents, margins, and justification of your text to optimize reading. Remember, even the slightest obstacle to reading can be off-putting. So, review every detail to leave nothing to chance. To keep a uniform look throughout your ebook, define spacing rules that you will follow throughout the ebook proofreading. For example, 3-line break space above a paragraph, 1 line break space below a title, 1-page break at the end of each chapter, etc.

Pay attention to the layout of your eBook

In addition to writing an ebook well, you need to make sure it has a nice layout. Correcting the layout of your ebook before it goes live is an integral part of the proofreading phase of an ebook. A neat eBook layout will make your digital book look more professional. 

The layout of an ebook must be thought out beforehand, but that does not prevent you from checking the final rendering once your writing work is completed. Please keep it simple because a too complex layout can make it difficult to read the text. The layout style you choose should apply to your entire ebook for a consistent presentation. Beyond the purely technical ebook proofreading, we advise you to collect the opinions of ordinary readers before the sale of your ebook. Their impressions matter a lot, as they will serve as a guide in defining the needs of your readers.

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