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No one can steal skills, education, and talents from anyone. If you are an ebook writer, you know which book content you have written. But it would be best if you secured your work in this profession because the online platform is full of hackers and cybercrimes. Piracy, illegal distribution, and copying of textbooks are common there. That’s why book publishing USA experts have to ensure their product’s security. What steps do they follow?

Precautionary steps of eTextbook’s security

User authentication

Your targeted audience will download your eTextbook or purchase it via online transaction. Integrate user authentication facility in their eTextbook so that your readers can securely read your content. You can install the coding system for your book activation. Allow your readers to connect the eTextbook with their email ID, ask for username, password, access the security code, and ask for some answers for security purposes. For this, you will create a specific page. 

Registration of eTextbook

Register your eTextbook by applying the copyright code to your content. It will let take legal action against cyber breach regarding your eTextbook security. Integrate the notifications and security setting systems in your eTextbook. Along with this, you will have to learn all copyrighting regulations. You must know what legal steps you can take to protect your digital content. It will be a warning for those who strive to steal your eTextbook content. In this matter, you can hire the best book publishing USA expert

Digital rights management

DRM is an effective alternative for your eTextbook security. It is a protection software that will allow authorized readers to read your eTextbook, such as teachers, students, or academic researchers. Don’t forget to provide a license to access your content to your readers. Take suggestions from a qualified team of book publishing USA experts about how to operate it well. 


The online book market is full of cybercrimes. There is a risk of eTextbook’s content. Hackers distribute your book content illegally under their name and make black money. As a book publishing USA expert, if you don’t want to face this challenge, you will have to secure your work by following the steps above. 

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