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Isn’t ghostwriting an amazing job? You just have to sit in front of a laptop and create magical engaging stories that you know will capture your reader’s heart. It feels so cool when someone asks what you do, and you reply with just one word; ghostwriting. 

To have the talent of writing is something very few are born with, so telling someone that you can write is a feeling that you can’t get over with. You know how to transform the usual stories into a mesmerizing story. You know how to write professionally while keeping an engaging tone. 

Writing for others, turning their ideas into words, is a privilege. While other people seem to believe some myths that have been circulating. Many ghostwriting myths are hard to believe; people end up believing them. 

Let’s see what those myths are, shall we? 

Ghostwriters create content out of thin air 

No matter how magical and awesome it sounds, ghostwriters don’t create content out of thin air. Their clients instruct them on the books. Ghostwriters can’t move forward with a book until they have clear instructions from the client. The client has to provide them a direction to begin the work. They come up with ideas and present them to the writers. They can’t expect ghostwriters to just write on anything. Clients have to tell them what exactly they want from ghostwriters. 

Ghostwriters hide in shadows 

It’s true that ghostwriters tend to keep their profile low because they aren’t allowed to disclose the work they have done for their clients. People aren’t comfortable with disclosing the fact that they had help from a ghostwriter. But that doesn’t mean that they are hard to find or that they hide in the shadows. You can search for them on Google, and you will find plenty of them. 

Any writer can be a ghostwriter 

For ghostwriting, you need to be able to change your voice and writing style. Not every writer can do that. Writers tend to have their unique voice and writing style that they are known for, but an excellent ghostwriter should be able to change it. Ghostwriters have to change their voice and match it with their clients. 

These were the three myths of ghostwriting that people tend to believe. None of them are true, and any professional ghostwriter can tell you that. So, don’t believe in these myths and opt for ghostwriting if you want to do so,

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