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You have written your eBook, and now you have to publish it. But you are confused about the publishing process. There are certain things you should do and you shouldn't do. So how to successfully publish your eBook? 

There are a few aspects that you should know about eBook publishing. We have listed down a few points for you to go through. 

Writing an eBook 

Series of eBook

Most of the authors have tried this eBook publishing technique to leave their readers wanting more. Hence, they leave things on cliffhangers, which is a good technique to keep your readers hooked to you. But sometimes cliffhangers leave the readers angry, which can make you lose your loyal readers. Building an empire of your eBooks is good but make sure every eBook has its closure and yet has enough of the story to continue in the second book. Make your eBook longer with 60000-100000 words. This way, your readers will be hooked and stay loyal to you. 

Publishing an eBook 

Once you have written your eBook, don't keep it waiting around; publish it on different platforms and gain readers. Publishing your eBook should be your priority after the writing process is finished. You can sell your eBook at very lower prices as well to catch people's attention. Not a lot of people risk their money on new readers. Try selling it at lower prices, and your readers will increase. 

Uploading it 

There are dozens of platforms to upload your eBook. Amazon is one of the biggest platforms. You can also upload it on kindle, iTunes, and others. 

As said, Amazon is the biggest platform. It also charges a fee that depends on the size of the book. To invest less for a starter, you can resize your images as in eBooks; images are not intended to be large enough as compared to print books. 

ISBN numbers are required to make your eBook eligible for the bestseller lists, for example, by the USA Today and New York Times. Though Amazon, iTunes, and other doesn't require an ISBN number. This way, your eBook will appear in bowker’s books, and your eBook will be able to show up in search engines. 

Need changes

You can always change something in your eBook any time you would like. Your eBook publisher will make your eBook shortly unavailable to the readers while it's being processed to different changes. 

Promoting eBook


Remember you can’t charge the same amount for eBooks and print books. eBooks are always charged lower. According to eBook publishing companies, one eBook must be charged 0.99-9.99$. 

You can also charge nothing at all for your first eBook. For a starter, you want to be discovered first, and the best way to accomplish that is to sell your first eBook for free. Though it's a little risk, it can bring more readers to the table. After you have been discovered by the audiences and made a few loyal fans, you can work on your second eBook and later, when publishing, put a price tag on it. 

But remember to put that eBook for free forever. After becoming a known author, don't try to put a price on that eBook. This can make you lose your image in front of the audience. Let it be free forever. You have many other eBooks on your way to make money. 

Marketing your eBook

Keep on promoting your eBook. It's not a once in a blue moon thing nor a one-time thing. Keep on promoting your eBook on different social media and keep your audience engaged. Even though you have gained a lot of readers, you still need to promote your work. 

Always promote your own. Even though your eBook publisher will be working on promoting your eBook with you, their efforts will be nothing compared to yours. 

Cover designs

Design such magnificent covers for your eBooks that are not just eye-catching but heart touching. You can also design 2 to 3 covers for your eBook. Covers help in promoting your eBook as we all know that people judge a book by its cover. For example, take, for instance, you wrote an eBook, and your publisher said to make your eBook cover fascinating. Still, you wanted to give your eBook a dark mystery type feel (Since you wrote an eBook on a cold hard murder), so you went with a plain dark cover with the title written in red. Will it become visible in the sea of eBooks? No. Design something that is related to your eBook but also catchy. 

These were the few aspects of eBook publishing that you should know. Keep these points in your head before you decide to publish your eBook. Remember to always go for an amazing eBook publisher who can help you in the process. 

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