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The story that lives within us needs to be heard by the people. It's not just a story, but it's a life of people you create; they are the emotions that the readers do not just feel, but writers feel it too. This story inside of you needs a voice so that people can hear them. It needs words so that people can read them. These stories inside of your head want you to share the rollercoaster of emotions with other people as well. 

Find that inner voice in yourself and let it guide you throughout the journey of the people living inside your head. Let that inner voice find the comedian in you. Let it see the sadness through the cracks in your heart and find the restless soul. Let it look at the crumpled skeleton and forge a blissful version of it. Show the people what you are made of through your writings. Leave some part of yourself in every writing of yours. This way and only this way, you will become a successful eBook writer. You have to pour your heart and soul into eBook writing to make it a success. 

There are a few basic rules you need to remember when writing an eBook. These rules will make your eBook writing pain-free but be prepared to have sleepless nights, skipped lunches, and a constant headache. Writing isn't easy, and it's time-consuming. So, you will have to put your blood, sweat, and tears into it. 

We have penned down the basic formulas of eBook writing. Go through them and learn how to write a powerful, compelling and fascinating eBook. 

Let your imagination run wild 

The first step to writing an eBook is to let your imagination run wild. You should gather your ideas first before diving into writing. Let that big brain of yours think of something that is unique. Something that any eBook writer has never written. Suppose if you were a reader and saw the eBooks roaming around the same topic again and again. How would you feel? Like throwing away the eBook, right? In order to capture your audience's attention, you need to come up with something out of the box. That's how your audience will stick around. eBook writing also requires coherent ideas and structure. If you don't have your ideas mapped out in one place, then there is a chance of finding chaos in your eBook.  Readers don't love it when the eBook they are reading confuses them because it takes out the fun from reading. It disrupts their imaginations. 

If you are still confused and aren't sure whether your ideas will raise readers, then you can also take your audience's opinion. Let them see what you are thinking of and see what they comment about it. This way, you will know what your audience is expecting from you. 

Research everything 

Let's imagine that you were reading an eBook. The story was about a person suffering from heart disease. The story was intreating at the beginning, but as the story got real, you started doubting the writing of the eBook writer. You saw that the eBook writer has put in all the wrong facts and statistics. Even the medical machines were named wrong. You put the eBook aside and never picked it up again. See what happened there? The story was interesting, but one wrong fact took out the reader's interest. 

That's why eBook writing companies ask their eBook writers to do proper research before diving into writing. One wrong fact can cost you your eBook's reputation; according to writers, set up a time for your eBook's research. Spend just two weeks researching everything and after two weeks dive into eBook writing. 

Your first draft 

Once you have finished your research, it's time to write what your mind has been cooking up. Take out your laptop or notebook. Start writing your first draft. Simply write and ignore the mistakes you are making. To fix your mistakes, you can edit your eBook later. 

To finish your first draft, you need to make sure that you are consistent with your writing. For this, you can schedule your eBook writing time. If you are a night owl and know that you are the most productive at night, then set the night timings. If you are a morning person, then schedule for the morning. You can also keep a word count to make sure that you are writing each day effectively. 

Just remember, don't just write when you feel like it but rather write every day. If you only write when you feel like it, then it will take years to complete the eBook.

The feedbacks 

According to eBook writing companies, eBooks need feedbacks. Your eBook won't hit the skies if you don't get some honest feedback. It's said that feedbacks are a friend of a writer. Feedbacks and reviews help writers know where they were lacking and what mistakes they made. As a writer, it's hard to find out your own mistakes, but a reader will easily point them out. 

For feedbacks, you can give your manuscript to your family, friends, and co-workers and ask them for honest reviews. Once you get honest feedback, try to improve your eBook writing. Edit without mercy because only that way will your eBook grow. 

This was the basic way of writing an eBook pain-free. Follow it and have fun in your eBook writing. 

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