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Which is the best one, printed books or digital books? This is not a new debate; it is very old. There are still many people who support digital books, and some people choose print over digital books. It is very fair everyone has their own choice. With the rising of technology, people feel more comfortable reading electronic books. Publishing eBooks is become very popular, giving people reading the best reading experience. As we are talking about printed and eBooks, and who is ruling the reader's mind. Let see the advantages of eBook over printed books:

Advantages of eBooks from A to Z

Every book has its own aura, whether it is a digital book or a printed book. Printed books are much liked by people at it feel good to hold an actual book, whereas eBook is better in terms that you won't carry an eBook. Let's unfold the advantage of eBooks over traditional books.

eBooks are also called electronic books. eBooks are portable, and you can maintain your eBook library and pick one of your favorites just by scrolling. It saves a lot of space in your books, and you can carry thousands of eBooks just on your mobile device.  

Every individual is getting benefits from these eBooks. Adults can read eBooks while traveling. Students don't have to carry a lot of books in their bags. A space of the printed book is taken by eBook. You can easily share your favorite eBook writer content with anyone. You can only share hard books with one person, but an ebook can easily share with many people by just clicking a share button. It is also easy on the eyes. You can easily adjust the screen's brightness, size, and font of the ebook's words. 

The most amazing advantage is for disabled people. It is helpful for children and adults who are disabled; an eBook provides visual impairment so disable people can easily hear the pronunciation of the words. 

Taken a Step Further – Advantages of Publishing your masterpiece as an eBook…

Many eBook writers feel confused about whether to publish their work or not. Go for it, don't waste your time. It is the biggest opportunity to show the world your creativity and make new fans of your writing. There are enormous advantages of publishing an eBook rather than in print form. Let see a few of it. 

Outshine your work 

There are many platforms for eBook publishing. It feels a bit daunting to print and finds a publishing company. Take everything in your hand and make your mind to self-publish your eBook. It is much easier to republish or edit if any changes are required. Many amazing eBook publishing platforms are available, such as Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Smash words, iBook, and many others. 

Be your own Marketing Team

Self-publishing allows you to make your own decision and strategic marketing plan for your eBook. It gives you the ownership to decide who you want to promote and sell your eBook. You can manage your sales and can track the performance of your eBook on publishing platforms.

When you are marketing your eBook by yourself, you have direct contact with your readers. You have a complete idea of what they like and what they wanted to read. Still, if you not want to do marketing by yourself, you can hire an ebook marketing company to do it on your behalf. 

It's Economical

Printing a book is very costly. You have to spend money on the cover to print, and then you have to invest in publishing. With money, it also requires your time and money. From money to time, you can eliminate this all when you are publishing a book virtually. By this, you can sell your eBook at more prices without bumping your profits.


In today's world, people are using Amazon, Kindle, Smash words, and many other eBook publishing platforms to read the masterpiece of eBook writers. eBook easily accessible; you can easily read any of your favorite books on a laptop or even on smartphones. The sales are also very easy. People don't have to rush to a book store to buy one; they take advantage of this platform and buy online by sitting comfortably on the couch. 

All in All

eBooks have a lot more to offer than the advantages mentioned above. Unlike printed books, eBooks provide the reader with lots of information. With eBooks, one can do much more as per their wish. Readers can search for difficult words, listen to the audiobook, and much more. All these features are also available on the eBook publishing platform.

So, if you are planning to publish an eBook on your own. You are thinking in the right direction. Complete your eBook and publish it on different publication platform. 

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