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The modern digital revolution did not happen overnight. It took the past two decades and the introduction of radical new technologies to make it possible. These technologies include the internet and the dozens of new 'smart-devices' that could connect easily to the internet. This revolution changed how we viewed communication, society, and, particularly, entertainment. Movies and T. V. can now be watched at any time and place, gaming can be done on a single device, and hundreds of books can be carried in our pockets in the form of ebooks.


Long gone are the days when books were bulky and difficult to carry and store. Now we have them with us in our smartphones, computers, and dedicated ebook devices (called e-readers) and read them at our ease.  This is why they are so popular with the public, especially the young ones, and ebook publishing is such a lucrative industry. They are also called one of the foremost examples of the digital revolution.


With the rise in popularity of ebooks come more people motivated to fulfill dreams of getting published. This is achieved either through publishing on an ebook publishing service or self-publishing. No matter the publisher, putting out one's own ebook can empower an author and mean exciting new content for the reader. Read on to find out what other benefits ebooks have brought to the ones who craft them and the ones who consume them. 


New authors are getting due recognition.

For budding authors, getting their ebook published can bring great new opportunities. Their portability is what makes them easily shareable and a joy to read through no matter where you are. Through ebooks, an author's work is enjoyed by their dedicated audience and shared with others much more seamlessly than conventional books. The digital nature of ebooks enables them to be injected with other creative formats to further add to their novelty and value. (Fun fact: The popular young adult graphic novel series Diary of a Wimpy Kid was originally available online!) Publishing an ebook is much easier than publishing hardcovers. If an author is hoping to make it big in today's world, an ebook is a sure way to ensure getting maximum accessibility and recognition.



Readers are getting tons of new content to enjoy

As mentioned above, lots of new authors are releasing ebooks to break into the industry. While this is creating a lot of new competition among the authors, it gives the reader more material to explore. This competition motivates writers to constantly innovate and push their creativity to its limits so that they can leave an impression on the readers. Publishing an ebook that brings together an original and enjoyable narrative and uses its format's versatility is a sure way to capture the reader's interest.


No need for sky-high shelves to store favorite books anymore

Arguably, the biggest selling point of ebooks is their small file size. This quality enables them to be saved onto devices in the numbers of thousands. All popular ebook formats have small file sizes that result in having a range of different layouts and formats without sacrificing portability. Their negligible file sizes were one of the main reasons that modern e-reader is possible. Such a device is dedicated to reading ebooks and can access many different ebook publishing services. Amazon's Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook, and Sony's Reader are some of the popular ebook readers out there.   


Authors can control their own marketing.

As mentioned before, ebooks hold the possibility of introducing an author to a wider audience. While this also involves an ebook marketing campaign, an author also has the option to self-publish. There are several major ebook publishing platforms on which an aspiring, or even an experienced, the author can self-publish. With this option also comes the opportunity for the author to control their own ebook marketing campaign. This enables saving costs and the authors deciding how people will be introduced to their work. Such incentives make ebook publishing seem a very lucrative opportunity.


We saw how the digital revolution has affected our reading experiences in the form of ebooks. Authors now have the opportunity to immediately publish their works when they feel like it with ebook publishing services and reach a wider audience. The readers have gotten the opportunity to explore new writings in the form of ebooks and access thousands of them at their fingertips. They are here to stay for the foreseeable future and will only be succeeded by writings able to be beamed to our minds.    

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