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The moment you step into the company to hire the best proofreaders is the moment that matters. At the moment, you will have to decide the best proofreader for your eBook. You know how much your eBook means to you, and the success rate of your eBook depends on the editing and proofreading services. So, you know you have to opt for the best professional proofreaders who will point any mistake left by the editors in order to make your eBook a huge success. 

You have seen many proofreaders who weren't that professional, and due to their lack of professionalism, the writers had to suffer the loss of the eBook going down the drain instead of rising high in the sky. So, for you, we have penned down a few tips that every eBook proofreading service should follow. Go through these tips and choose what's best for your eBook. Don't ever settle for less because it's not just your eBook that will fall but your name as a writer as well. 

Tip #1 – Individual proofreaders 

When you step into the company providing eBook proofreading services, you should ensure that there is a team of editors and proofreaders. Meet the whole team and make sure that the proofreaders aren't the same people you saw in the editing team. This is essential because the proofreaders will correct the mistakes that the editors missed. Editing and Proofreading are not one and the same. 

Tip# 2 – Focusing on each word 

The proofreaders you will hire make sure they are professional. They should be able to read the whole eBook without getting lost in the story correcting the grammatical mistakes, spelling, and typos. Work closely with them and see if they focus on each and every word of the eBook. Proofreaders also follow the strategy of reading backward to find any spelling errors. Once the sentence doesn't make sense, it's easier to focus on the spelling mistakes. 

Tip# 3 – Using track changes 

When opting for eBook proofreading services, make sure they use track changes to make the changes in your eBook. If they make any changes without opening track changes, then all the data will be lost once edited. If you wish to bring back the old sentence, you won't be able to do so if they didn't use track changes. 

Tip# 4 – Checking facts and figures 

A proofreader doesn't only check spelling and grammar. Any company with excellent eBook proofreading services also looks for facts and figures. If you have used any statistics in the ebook, they will see if you have written the right numbers. If you wrote anything that already exists, they thoroughly check whether you have correctly mentioned that information. For example, if you are writing an eBook about health and terminal illness, they will ensure that you have used the correct information and statistics. 

Before you dive into eBook proofreading, look for the best company to hire because those professional proofreaders will help you achieve your eBook's goals. A team of editors and proofreaders plays a great role in the success of your eBook. 

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