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When you have finished writing your eBook, you will see yourself walking towards the procedure of editing and proofreading. It's a fact that every writer needs editors and proofreaders because a writer will not be able to edit their own book. The writer will miss out on the mistakes no matter how many times they read the eBook. That's why they hire editors and proofreaders to correct the mistakes they have missed and bring out the polished version of your eBook. 

There are various editors who go through your eBook, ensuring all the mistakes have been corrected. They make your eBook error-free, but they are also human. They can also miss a few mistakes but don't worry. That's what proofreaders are there for; they look for any mistakes that an editor might have missed. They proofread your eBook and ensure that it's ready to be published on various platforms. 

But there are a few secrets of eBook proofreading that nobody knows. So, we are here to reveal those dirty little secrets to you; hold on tight because those secrets will blow off your mind. 

Secret #1 – Every published eBook has errors 

We know that you went through the trouble of editing and eBook proofreading. You paid the team of editors and proofreaders to make sure that your book was error-free. My friend, everyone is a human, so mistakes can be made. There are many books that go for printing with errors, many eBooks that are published on international platforms containing errors. If a reader points out a mistake, then the publishers ensure that with the next edition, that error will be fixed. Readers finding a mistake doesn't mean that the world has ended for you. 

Secret #2 – One round isn't enough 

Many writers think that one round of eBook proofreading is enough for their eBook. Well, they are truly wrong. The eBook needs at least two rounds of proofreading to get the best version of the story and book. To catch the mistakes and typos, proofreaders have to go through your eBook not once but twice. To completely focus on the errors without getting lost in the story, they need a lot of time. That's why they focus on one eBook for many hours. 

Secret #3 – Writer is the last line of defense for the eBook 

We all know how writers don't see the mistakes, but try to read the eBook from a reader's perspective. Once you see your eBook has a reader, written by someone else, you will start to notice the mistakes you made. You will realize how cringy a few sentences sound. You will see the cliché parts in your eBook. For that, print your eBook because reading it in a printed form will help you see the errors you missed on the screen. Acting as a reader, editor, and proofreader for your eBook’s proofreading will benefit your eBook in the future 

Secret #4 – Typos will still linger around 

Even though you went through the challenging procedure of editing and proofreading, you will still find a few typos. No matter how many times you print the eBook and go through it, there will be a few typos that you won't be able to point out. They will be lying there in your eBook, waiting for a reader to point them out. 

These were the four dirty little secrets of eBook proofreading that we thought you should know. Don't be so hard on yourself as a writer and editor. Just make sure that there aren't any grammatical mistakes; a few typos here and there are bearable. 

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