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Congratulations!  You have finally written the last word of your eBook, and now it's all done and dusted. And it seems like you have perfectly transmuted your vision into words. But wait! You need to go through the important process – eBook proofreading and editing. At this point, many writers feel some stress and unstuck. If you wonder how to overcome all this unstruck, stress, or tried, and where to start from, don’t worry. Here are a few tips you can use to nail this process and get your eBook polished and ready for publishing. 

Read it Out Loud

Readout your text sounds a bit funning, but in fact, it is the best and tested way to pick errors and eBook proofreading tools. When you read an eBook loudly, you can feel the flow break and how it sounds to the reader. In this way, you can correct the mistakes. 

Read Slow

Maintain a specific pace - neither too fast nor too slow. Reading aloud at a slow- stable pace allows you to pick out structured sentences during eBook proofreading. After identifying all these mistakes, correct them, and adjust your reading speed again as there is a break of correction. 

Print It

It is great to print your eBook for proofreading. eBook proofreading becomes easier when you have a copy of it in your hand.  Because if you read directly from the screen, it can be harder to spot little mistakes you made. Do it; it's time to take out the red pen and underline the errored text.

Remove Your Crutch Words

We are sure you can compare yourself to it. Every writer uses some words more often than they need to. Go through your book and look for crutch words and crop them or use similar meaning words. Give your eBook a variety by your excellent eBook proofreading tip. 

Concentration is Key

If you spot the mistakes, then be careful a bit more. This means you get interrupted while doing work. When you are doing eBook proofreading, it is better to switch off the cell phone, turn off the television, plug-in soft music, and start doing your work. 

Check the Punctuation

Focusing on the word and structure is great but don’t neglect punctuations. Pay attention to capitalization words, missing text, commos; otherwise, it disturbed the context of your line. These mistakes consider common, but it is significant to correct them. Otherwise, you will not see your work as a masterpiece.

Get a Helping Hand

After doing eBook proofreading by yourself, it is good to get eBook proofreading done by your friend. You will be astonished at the mistakes you have missed. A second person will also be a better option to evaluate your mistake and remove the crutches that make no sense. 

Final Thoughts

There are many things to consider during eBook proofreading. A lot of concentration, few tips or tricks, and little self-care will help you make the eBook proofreading process easy and enjoyable. 

Enjoy your eBook proofreading process!

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