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Was it hard? Writing your eBook? It must have been. With all your struggles, sweat, tears, and blood, you now have your complete eBook. Now you want the whole world to read it. To know you as the bestselling author of USA. You want people to inspire by your eBook. You want your words to be read by every individual. So, you think of selling it. You make your website and page and put your eBook for sale. Days have gone by, but you haven't received a single order. Nobody has bought your eBook. And you wonder why. Is it because the title wasn't captivating enough? Did people find the book blurb boring? You have dozens of questions running inside your head. But has it occurred to you that your eBook might not be selling because you are not doing the marketing, right? 

To market your eBook and make it on the lists of bestselling authors, how do you do that?

We have listed down a few marketing tips for you. 


Always ask for honest reviews from your audience. Whether they liked it or was there some improvement needed. Ask them to be brutally honest with you. Collect feedback through forms or simply ask them to leave it in the comment section. Be interactive with your audience and readers. Let them know their opinions are valued, and keep them updated on your eBooks. This way, your readers will stay loyal to you, and fans are the key to your eBook success. The best USA eBook writers follow these marketing services provided. 

Your goals 

You think of marketing your eBook by providing a free service to your readers. You decided to set your eBook for free, and later, after gaining a few readers, you decided to put a price on it. It's a big no from the eBook marketing services in the USA

Don't sell your book for free if you are planning on charging later.

Sell it only if you are pleased with it

Once you have written your eBook, you take a step forward to sell it. But only do it if you are happy and pleased with your eBook writing. Don't sell your eBook if you are not sure about it because as an author you have a reputation and don't want it ruined. 

Protect your eBook 

Another eBook marketing service the USA provides is copyrights protection. Make sure your eBook is secured with copyrights on the site from where people can download your eBook. Don't ever use common URLs. 

eBook covers 

Another eBook marketing service is to design something that is eye-catching. Everyone says that they don't judge a book by its cover but trust me, they all do. A creative and unique cover catches readers' attention. Hire a graphic designer for it and let it transform into something magical. Animated eBook covers are trending these days. 

Sally Thorne, USA's bestselling author of the book, the hating game, followed the marketing tactics and designed an animated cover that gained her many readers.

Online conversations 

Engage with your readers through online conversations. Make a platform where your audience engages not just with you but other readers as well. In those conversations, you can discuss the story of your eBook and their thoughts on certain happenings in the eBook. This way, you will build a whole fandom of loyal fans. And not only you but those fans will also be promoting your eBooks. 

Deliver what you promised on the sales pitch 

To market your eBook, don't follow the outrageous sales pitch and let your audience know what exactly your eBook is about. Your reputation is important, so straying away from the pitch and selling something entirely different than what you promised in the pitch will make your readers drive away from you. 

Social media marketing

Don't be fooled to think that social media is just for fun. Utilize the marketing services social media offers and promote your eBook to become the USA's famous eBook writer. Many renowned authors use social media to promote their eBooks and build a network there. Either make a page under your name or your eBooks name and post stuff there. For example, you can put a short excerpt from your eBook on it, or if you are about to publish your new eBook, you can just reveal the cover of the eBook without giving away the name. Then a day later, reveal a few excerpts, and just like that, keep exposing a little. Such teasers will help you keep your audience awake. 

Be online and diversify 

For your readers to find your eBook, you have to make your eBook presence online everywhere so that your readers can reach your eBook through your website, social media pages, blogs, and even YouTube. 

Influencer marketing 

Another marketing services for eBooks the USA provides is to take help from an influencer. You can ask them to market your eBook through their social media. For example, you can see USA's actress Reese Witherspoon who on her Instagram posts about a new book she read and tells her audience to give it a try. Being a famous actress and having millions of followers on Instagram, plenty of people see those promotional posts, and the word of that book gets around. 

You can also take the help of an influencer and promote your eBook this way. 

Email marketing 

One of the other marketing services in the USA is email marketing. You can send out messages featuring the key contents from your eBook. People usually check their personal emails ten times a day, and that's why it's a good way to promote your eBook through email. 

Follow these tactics and utilize every marketing services you can and become the USA's bestselling author. Always market your eBook to the right audience and in the right way. This way, you will gain more readers, and your eBook will soon be listed among the bestselling eBooks. 


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