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‘Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover’ is a famous concept. According to professional ebook marketers, the ebook cover design matters a lot, especially when it comes to attracting lots of readers. A number of interesting ebooks are available in the market, and readers read most of them by inspiring by their cover designing. That’s why there is always a need to create an eye-catching ebook cover that builds the curiosity among readers to read it further. 

If you are an ebook writer and writing the best ebook for selling purposes, don’t forget to design its cover with deliberate consideration. Make sure your ebook cover reflects and defines its table of contents including what readers will read in it. Professional ebook marketing company experts recommend you to make your ebook description and title unique as it provides slight information about your ebook well. Indeed, it is a trickier process, and sometimes, you need professional assistance. So, you can hire ebook marketing services for this purpose. 

Let’s learn how to design the most compelling ebook cover by keeping it your first priority. 

Browse the fierce competition 

When you are a newbie while working on something for the first time, the confusion stops you from doing what you can. If you are stuck in the same situation, start your research to know what strategies the successful ebook marketers have implemented rather than worrying and wasting your time. Observe how your competitors have designed their ebook covers and how they look like in your genre. In this way, you will have a lot of unique ideas for what will work well or what won’t. 

You can also visit popular ebook publishing platforms where lots of ebooks are available there. You can take different ebook cover design ideas from Amazon or iBooks stores. Consider those ebook covers as per your wish or that attract you the most. Then, back to your working board and think about how you can make your ebook cover different from a great aesthetic touch. Brainstorm that which compelling elements you will use. Decide specific colors, fonts, and features you will use. Professional ebook publishers recommend you make a list of all these things. You will have a unique blueprint to design your ebook cover for maximum sales and increased readers' rate. You can also take help by hiring the best ebook publishing services. The reason for that is their experience as they know which thing will work effectively or which will not. 

Use appropriate and clickable images

In the case of designing the best cover for your ebook, the correct selection of appropriate images is a major concern. It is the core base that decides how your cover will look after designing. A bulk of compelling photos for your ebook cover is available on the internet. But, iStock and Shutterstock are the best platforms to choose the best ebook cover picture as you can select a few ones for free without source or copyright issues. There is also an option of choosing reasonable images for the ebook’s cover design. Professional ebook writers suggest you avoid the temptation to visit Google and use different pictures there. They are not royalty-free and not suitable for commercial purposes. In this way, there is no user engagement, and it isn’t good for your ebook business. 

Avoid selecting photos like stock pictures 

As there are a few cliches in ebook writing similarly, there are some cliches in choosing photos for its cover. You will have to be very careful while selecting appropriate images for your ebook cover. Most of the ebook marketers suggest you avoid those picture selections that look like stock photos. Also, avoid those images that almost all ebook publishers have used or overused as their ebook cover photo. Instead, it would be best if you used those pictures that readers can recognize as a unique display. Most ebook readers attract that ebook that covers an original piece of art. They don’t too much like a stock photo to create for a great ebook cover. 

Start designing your ebook cover

The best ebook publishing is the most crucial step to make your ebook successful. Don’t forget to implement this thing while designing the cover for your ebook. If you do this work right, you can create a timeless impression of your work. Readers will inspire and prefer to read your ebook repeatedly. That’s why to be careful while designing your ebook cover. You can use popular tools for better results. The most suitable tools to design your ebook are Photoshop, GIMP, and Pixler. The last two sources are the most authentic ones for the desirable outcome. 

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