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When they first came out, ebooks revolutionized multiple industries at the same time. It made reading and share our favorite stories and publications with ease and utmost convenience, a possibility. With the advent of digital or ebooks, we could now carry hundreds and thousands of volumes in our pockets.

Ebook writing became a popular trend, with many aspiring writers sharing their work in the form of accessible ebook files. Workplaces could now easily send important material in the many light and convenient file types available (we discuss the most popular ones in our quick and easy guide to ebook file formats). Ebooks opened new doors for publications of all kinds. Businesses turned their face to online ebook writers to digitize their promotional material and expand their reach.

But what if you have a certain type of file and want to convert it to another? What should be the action plan if you have an EPUB file but want it in MOBI to be able to read comfortably on your Kindle? Or your e-reader won't support DJVU but can handle PDFs with ease? Well, you are in luck. There are many convenient and quick ways to convert between different ebook formats. Whether you are using Windows, Android, iOS, or just browsing the ol' web, here are some easy and free tools to help you convert between different ebook file types, with zero hassle!



Calibre is one of the most versatile and comprehensive ebook management software out there today. It supports conversion between almost all ebook formats. The software also manages your ebooks in an interactive library. It features an e-reader option as well to open and display your ebook of any format.

To go about the ebook format conversions with Calibre, all you have to do is, add the file its library first. After selecting the file, select the 'Convert E-books' option in the upper panel. This opens a new window where we select our file's desired format in the upper left corner. After conversion, the file is saved in the same folder as the original file.

If you are an online ebook writer, Calibre is a must-have tool that satisfies almost all your ebook needs. It being free and open source is undoubtedly the cherry on top.


Kitaboo is another ebook management and conversion available. Like Calibre, this software can be used for maintaining your ebook collection and getting ebooks in your desired format. Additionally, it enables the user to craft their ebook and publish their content in their desired format. This feature could prove most useful for ebook writers or ebook writing services that wish to maximize their reach. 

You need to understand that the conversion on Kitaboo is only for PDF to EPUB for the time being. It requires the user to upload their file and then converts it in a similar fashion to Calibre.


Hamster is also a free ebook converter that can be used as a ebook reader too. Unfortunately, it is not as robust or agile as the ones mentioned previously due to its limited functionality. Regardless, it can be a backup option in the worst-case-scenario.



Online Ebook Converter is a popular online tool for ebook conversion. Its site is divided into options where each option features the functionality to convert to a specific ebook format. It also offers similar services for image and video conversion as well, making it a one-stop solution for all kinds of conversion needs.

To convert to any type, we select the specific option and upload the required file. The file is converted and ready to be downloaded instantly.


This is yet another super helpful tool for online ebook conversion. While it sports superior conversion functionality like Online Ebook Converter, it is limited by the maximum file size limit it puts on the user. That could potentially be a hindrance to the user trying to utilize the tool's capability to its fullest. After uploading the file, the user selects from a host of popular ebook formats. Both this and Online Ebook Converter can prove helpful for online ebook writers to quickly convert and share their content.

Long gone are the days when converting between different ebook files was a complicated process. With such a wide range of different tools out there, ebook file conversion is now a matter of few seconds. If you aim to make it big as an ebook writer or want to ensure your online writing services are shared seamlessly, learning these tools is a must.

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