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Suppose you went book shopping, you didn't have a list and wanted to pick books randomly. So, you started searching the bookstore with no clue on the genre as well. There you saw a book that had the perfect cover. It was all sparkly and animated. The words were in bold with a touch of italic. The picture was so mesmerizing that you started walking towards it. The book cover caught your attention because it was so eye-catching. As you picked the book, you turned it around to look at the book blurb. As you read the summary of the novel, you realized the story wasn't so interesting. It was just the book cover that caught your attention. Suddenly your eyes landed on another book that had a plain cover. You picked it up with no interest in buying it, but when you read the book blurb, your interest was suddenly developed. 

That's what a perfect book cover can do for your book's success. Though the story is important, the perfect book cover is also essential. So, when you go for custom book printing covers, consider these tips before diving into printing. 

But remember, there are several types of binding that you can choose, but perfect binding is the best option for your book. 

Determining the spine width 

If you have no idea what your book's spine width is, you won't be able to finalize your book cover's artwork. So, when you go to print your book cover, first ask the printer the spine width of the book. Two things can calculate it 

Number of pages in the book 

The thickness of the paper 

Don't just calculate it yourself; rather, ask the printer for the spine width. 

Don't lay out the cover sides separately 

There are three sides of a book cover, front cover, spine, and back cover. So, when you go for custom book printing covers, remember not to layout these three sides separately. If you have chosen perfect binding, then the cover is created from a single sheet. It's like a thick cover that covers the whole book as one. So, the artwork of the cover lays out on one sheet. Remember that the front cover will be on the right side and the back cover positioned on the left side. If you wish to have the print on the inside as well then, the inside cover will be behind the outside cover and vise versa. 

Position of the text on the spine 

Have you ever seen the spine of the books? Then you must have noticed that the book covers have the name of the book and the author written on the spine. It makes it easier for the readers to find the book on the shelf. So, if you decide on adding text to your book's spine, then ensure that the position of the print is in the direction you want your reader to read. Though there isn't a standard that you have to follow but the most common type of text we have seen is the text running down the spine. When these books are laid out on the shelf, either vertical or horizontal, it's easy to read the name. Just make sure that the text isn't small and it's perfectly center-aligned. 

These were the three tips that you should know before you go for custom book printing covers. No matter how jaw-dropping or awestruck your artwork is, it will only make sense if it's aligned perfectly with the right font size. So, don't settle for less and make the cover of your book the most amazing one. 

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