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Christians celebrate Christmas Eve in memory of the miracle of Jesus Christ Birth. A pure soul virgin Mary gave birth to his son on 25th December. Christians consider Jesus as the “Son of God.” That’s why it’s a big day for them because His birth brought so many blessings for the prosperity of the Christian people. So, they start celebrations with prayers, whether in terms of songs, greetings, or speeches. This day, they read bible verses and sent wishes to their family, relatives, and friends. For this, they organize a proper event for meeting their religious standards. Here are some prayers of Christmas that you must know and practice for Christmas eve 2021. Before this, let’s learn what preparations they do and how they manage everything to make their day memorable. 

Christmas day preparations

Christians save money to celebrate Christmas in full swing. They start planning for this day before one or two months. They write nice wishes and prayers to pray at Church due to the concept of Christianity that this day God answers everything you have asked from Him. They recall their activities throughout the year and consider the world state’s situations like COVID-19, the issue of a global pandemic. They ask forgiveness for their evil deeds, make wishes, and ask something in return for their good deeds. They prepare different religious speeches to preach to youngsters and kids about Christianity, Jesus Christ, Bible, or Mother Mary. Along with this, they wrap different gifts and send them to needy people in order to put a smile on their stressed faces. They strive to spread love, affection, and peace on that day in the memory of Jesus Christ’s practices as He helped people make their lives convenient. 

Christians celebrate Christmas to pay thanks to God and share their prayers with family, friends, and colleagues. These endeavors contain the remainders of gratitude and thankfulness. They work hard for arrangements to enjoy the blessings of this day throughout the year in the future. 

Christmas prayers

World full of night

Jesus came into this world to spread the light of peace, love, happiness, and affection in the World that can combat cruelty anytime. So, Christians pray to receive that light in lives, ask intelligence to understand all everything Jesus taught them, and thank God for making them Christian. They remember their sisters and brothers who no longer live in this world for the best live hereafter. 

May God send a pocket full of blessings to you

Christians recall when Virgin Mary received God’s blessing regarding her son (Jesus), and angels were protecting her. She was eating dates and enjoying the company of a little flock of sheep and keeping her son on her lap with a peaceful smile. Christians ask a peaceful and delightful life full of God’s blessings and mercy concerning that concept. 

Pay Thanks to Jesus

You are very lucky if you have good food on the table, a family with happiness and peace, and a few friends with complete honesty. There is nothing more worthy than this. So, Christians thank Jesus for all blessings in their lives and ask for courage to deal with upcoming hardships and evil companionship. They are thankful for all happiness after sadness, good days after bad days, and gifts of grace that heaven lends. 

God’s true love

In a world where hatred, betrayal, and cruelty are common, God’s will always be true. On Christmas eve, Christians thank God for His sincerest love and hope that they will receive his blessings, mercy, and love all the time. They tell Him that His love is alive in their hearts, and they are asking for eternal peace and happiness in this world and hereafter. They thank God for giving them Jesus and ask for forgiveness. They pray to God that His love will never change, fade, and abandon and let them remember the purpose they are living in this world. They ask for security and shelter of His mercy against all sins (small or big). They pray for a peaceful and happy life. 

This Christmas eve

As a Christian, talk to God and ask everything you need or want. You can pray like this;

Dear God, 

Let us remember you this Christmas eve, help us live a simple life, and keep our live spending activities in the right direction. It will help us to celebrate the day of your birth comfortably. Thank you for giving us peace, good relations, and everything we need for our good present and future. In name, Jesus, Amen. 

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