People are more interested in binge watching shows on Netflix than reading books because they become very picky when reading. They want to have many interesting titles in mind when the mood strikes to read a book. So, reading online is a great way to keep your stack of books on a manageable level and read new books whenever you feel like it, because why not?

The eBook serves an important place in today's online world. People can easily access these eBooks from smartphones, e-readers as well as a laptop. Nowadays, many online eBook services provide tons of recommendations in place of actual books. You can easily find them in the library, download an eBook, or whatever you want. An eBook service's goal is to enhance the learning process and make digital learning fun and easy. You are not sure which service to choose. Don't worry; we have done a lot of research for you.  Here are the best online eBook services recommendations for you.


Kindle – the most popular eBook service that works like Netflix. By paying a monthly fee, you can get unlimited access to an eBook. Books of all genres are available in the Kindle library, featuring some brilliant online eBook writers. You can find science fiction books to romance and read on any device which supports Android, iOS, not just on Kindle. Another amazing feature of Kindle is that you can get access to audiobooks also.


Same as Kindle, you can also get unlimited access to Scribd and enjoys different eBooks. Along with eBooks, Scribd also offers magazines, documents, and academic papers. So, if you are interested in reading eBooks, then you can browse using super-specific categories. It is very helpful when you aren't sure what to read next. Scribd also provides free access to users who sign up for the first time and shows the list of content with title and online ebook writer names, making it super easy for you to search your desired book.


Bookmate is an amazing reading app containing a river of eBooks, research papers available in several languages such as English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, and many more. Many ebook writers take help from this app to gather a rough idea of writing an eBook. In starting, you can get free access and then convert to premium by paying a specific amount of money. This app is supported on Android, iPhone, Windows phone, and web versions. Bookmate has approximately 3 million readers and catalogs of 500,000 books. Visit this amazing site and take advantage of it.


Comic book lovers, this site is for you. ComiXology is an electronic comic book platform offering hundreds of hundreds of book recommendations to the user. You can read your favorite comic books such as Marvel, manga from DC, Sabrina, and comic books from other online writers. You can synchronize books from all devices. ComiXology also provides you a free trial of 30 days.


Children's we haven't forgotten you. We have a lot for you too.  If you love reading, try Epic to read different children's books.  It is an eBook service that gives you access to thousands of books for kids under 12 age. Fairy tales, fiction, picture books, and non-fiction all books are available easily on Epic. Epic is also providing a free trial to first visitors. You can also publish your eBooks on Epic If you love writing children's books and get your work appreciated by others.


Amazing site for both online eBooks writers and readers! BookBub provides readers to find new books for free. You will be provided thousands of books recommendation based on what you like, and you will also receive a free alert for eBook deals from this eBook writing service.


It would be awesome if all online eBook writers can take advantage of this eBook service. But sadly, it is available in few countries. At the time of eBook writing, Kobo Plus is available in Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands. It is supported by Web, iOS, Android, and Kobo devices.


According to fans, Scribd is the best option for both eBook lovers and online eBook writers. It is an affordable service with lots of eBooks recommendation. Kindle unlimited and Bookmate is also the best eBook Service if you want to try some other eBook service than Scribd. The prices of both services are the same. At the same time, Kobo Plus is only available in some regions of the world. ComiXology is only for comic book lovers.

If you want to read more eBooks, then you don't necessarily require a subscription. Some eBook services provide free eBooks downloads from which you can take advantage of. Hope this blog will help you select the best eBook service for yourself and satisfy your book thirst.

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