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Once finished with the writing and editing phase, you jump onto the publishing your eBook phase. But we all know though publishing an eBook is easy, marketing it isn't at all easy. You will need a planned marketing strategy to come up with to sell your eBooks. 

You not only have to create a compelling eBook to sell millions but also need some great eBook marketing tactics. Many amazing eBooks have been sat idle on the shelves wrapped in dust due to poor marketing strategies. 

We have a list of eBook marketing USA's strategies for you to sell millions of your eBooks. Go through them and pick out as many ideas as you want to, and sell your eBook. 

First few chapters 

One of the eBook marketing USA tactics is to post a few chapters on SlideShare and share the link on every social media page. This will help you gain an audience as people will find the link to the SlideShare, and on realizing that it's free, they will move further to read it. 

Once their interest develops, they will be in need of wanting to read more. And at the end of the slide, you can add a link to the original platform where your full eBook is published. Seeing that link, they will leap towards your eBook and start reading. It's a great way to get your audience's attention. 

Record the voices 

Another great eBook marketing USA trick is to take someone with a steady and clear voice and record their voice reading your eBook. This way, you will have your audio eBook as well. This will not only help you gain readers but also help people with vision impairment. Your audience will spread the word about your audiobook and help you gain maximum readers. 

Social media presence 

Whenever you are marketing your eBook, make sure it has its social media presence. According to eBook marketing USA always make your eBook's online presence. You can post about your eBook on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  And not just for announcing, but you can also post some quotes from your eBook or any tips anything that will capture your reader's attention. 

Webinar with author 

You can launch a webinar with the authors and can also feature other brands or authors or any big personality. You can talk about your eBook in the webinar and tell people what your eBook is about and what makes your eBook so special. By featuring other big personalities, you can aim for a higher audience. As they can talk about your eBook on their social media pages and due to such a high following status of theirs, the word of your eBook can go around and gain many readers. Also, due to their high-status, people will believe the words coming out of their mouth about your eBook. Once they post about your eBook and webinar on their social media accounts, then people will come running towards your eBook as their life depends on it. 

According to eBook marketing USA, this is one of the greatest ways to get more readers. 


You can also blog about your chapters. According to the eBook marketing USA, you should introduce your chapters in a blog post, and it will gain everyone's attention. People will find what your eBook consists of from that blog. Make the blog interesting by showing the amazing plots your eBook have the twists it contains but do not give away too much. Always leave your reader wanting to read more. If you give away too much in that blog, your audience won't feel the need to read the full eBook. 

Guest blogging 

Guest blogging is writing a blog for your product and posting it on other people's websites. If you are writing a cooking eBook, then you should find other websites related to your topic and write a guest blog (following their guest blogging guidelines) and publish it on their website. Also, attach a link to your eBook under the finished blog. It has been one of the best ways in eBook marketing USA to promote your eBooks. 

Email marketing 

You can write emails about your eBook and send it to people. In that email, you can talk about your eBook and what it is about, and on how many chapters it constructed. Give them a little taste of your eBook and ask them to click to continue reading the eBook.

The backside of your eBook 

Once your reader has read your eBook now, they want to know about you and your eBooks. So, make it a little easy for them to find you. Add a page titled "About the author" and tell your readers about yourself. If it's your first time writing, then you can tell them how you came across this writing journey. You must have seen many authors mention in which country and state they live and how many family members they have. 

If you have written many other eBooks as well, then you can add a page titled "other eBooks available" and list down the names of your eBooks. This way, they will know about your other eBooks. Many eBook writers from USA follow these eBook marketing USA tricks to market their eBooks and to help the word about them get around. 

Make it free 

eBook marketing USA has suggested making your first eBook free. Publish it on amazon or kindle and make it free. Everyone loves a free offer. Since it will be, you won't benefit from it money-wise, but a free book means more audience, and that's where your priority should lie in the first attempt. 

Though having an amazon prime membership, you can gain money from it but let's leave it for another time. 

Bonus tip!

You can ask your readers for reviews, and they will be more than happy to give them to you. This way, you will build your own network and a gang of loyal readers. 

These were the few eBook marketing USA techniques to follow to make your eBook touch the skies. Follow these tips and watch your eBook rise. Good Luck! 

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