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The day you are finished with your book is the day you start deciding on publishing it. You have all your ideas in one place, and you are ready to hit the publishing companies. You know the wait is finally over, and you can now publish your book and let the readers live the life that you wrote. All this seems like a wonderful dream to you. The biggest nightmare that still awaits is book printing. You have to go through various procedures to ensure that the book is printed in the right way. You need to make sure that your book is in the right size with an eye-catching cover and amazing paper quality. 

These factors count a lot in book printing online. Your readers will notice these things while buying your book. So, to keep your readers interest in buying your book go for the best book printing services. 

Now let's dig deeper into the book printing guide. What are the key points you should focus on while getting your book printed? Don't worry if you don't have the answer because we are here for you. We have penned down the key points that you need to focus on before hitting the book printing online stores or companies. 

The quality of paper 

When you first visit the book printing online store, then the first thing you should be clear on is the paper's quality. High-quality papers can bring in more readers and keep your reader hooked to your bookshelf. 

The quality of the paper depends upon the type of book you are printing. If you are printing a novel that will only have plain black text, you can opt for cream or white paper. If you are printing an illustration book, then you go for glossy pages. 

The type of binding 

You have to ensure that you have chosen the right type of binding for your book. Just like the quality of paper, the binding also depends on your book. There are different types of binding; let's see them 

Saddle stitching 

Perfect binding 

Hard-backed books 

Spiral binding

Wire-O binding 

 The spine of your book matters a lot. It holds all the pages of your book, so you have to choose the right binding for your book wisely. For example, you can't opt for spiral binding for your romance novel. The pages will be easily torn apart. Choose something that will be durable and won't upset your reader. 

Spine width 

Do you hate math’s? Well then, we are sorry, but we have a formula for you that you should remember at any cost. 

Type of paper + Number of pages in your book + Binding finish = spine width

The spine width is something that most writers overlook when it comes to book printing online because they don't think it matters. In reality, it matters a lot. If you ignore this formula, you will later realize that the spine width you gave wasn't suitable for the number of pages your book has. It's better if you calculate all these things before diving into printing your book. 

These factors are essential to consider when you are printing your book. Don't forget them; otherwise, your readers might end up disappointed in your book. 

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