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Do you have an imagination to share, a head full of stories, and a passion for writing? You have the fiber of the writer and everything you need to write a book. Do you dream about it, but you cannot organize your ideas? Is your frame fragile, and you don't know how to build it? Do you want to give more depth to your characters? But all you are concerned is about using your name. so here is a solution. Become the best book ghostwriter in the USA.

Build your story and bring it to life! 

If you listen to the advice of great authors, you will quickly find that they do not agree with each other. Stephen King writes his stories without a plan and lets himself be guided by his characters. Bernard Werber first builds the plan before embarking on writing and writes very elaborate character files.

Learn writing techniques

Unleash the creativity in you and draw on the techniques that inspire you. You can help yourself by unblocking the dust that is keeping you away. You can be the best book ghostwriter in the USA by equipping yourself with different writing techniques:

of an intrigue

a narrative arc

the psychology of a character

with an incipit

Then all you have to do is a test, try and adopt the technique that speaks to you the most.

Appropriate writing techniques

Emboss your style and write the novel of your dreams. The third point depends on the second point. Do you doubt it? Take the example of Games of Thrones by GRR Martin. What is the originality of his work to make it a worldwide success?

A novel subject? No

A strong story? It is not the first of its kind!

What made the originality of its history is the diversity of the heroes, a multitude of heroes each following their history within a gigantic fresco where they often left their skins making room for other heroes. This is how the writer gives his best. You need to develop the characters to be the best book ghostwriter in the USA.

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